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Perhaps it's been a long time since your last date, not finding a connection or simply too scared to make that initial jump. Navigating the modern dating scene can be challenging, especially after a long marriage or an extended single’s lifestyle. It feels like the world has changed, and it has.


Dating is not just about meeting people or reading online profiles. If you’re not properly prepared to make a connection, you can easily fall into one of the common dating traps.


Through successfully proven customizable programs, we will work together to find the right partner for you based on who you are and what you need for a relationship that lasts. Hidden blocks and limiting beliefs will also be uncovered that may have been sabotaging your dating and relationship success.


 Stop settling for less than what you really want!


Discover what’s been missing on your journey to a successful relationship.

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Alison is professional, compassionate, insightful, understanding, and kind. I was a wreck after separating from my wife of six years and partner of nineteenth years. But, after a short time working with Alison, I got back on the path to finding myself and my happiness again. The exercises I did with Alison forced me to look inside and discover who I truly am and clearly define my values and life vision. Alison encouraged me to be confident in who I am and see the value I bring to my family, friends, and community. She also challenged me to replace the "ifs" in my life with more affirmative "I cans" and "I wills." I can truly say the work I did with Alison has contributed greatly to my self-development and has given me the hope that a successful relationship waits for me in the future. I highly recommend Alison to anyone who is looking for a relationship coach.

Dustin H.


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