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Meet Professional Dating Coach Alison Verge, ACSTH


Hello! I’m Alison, mother of 2 teen girls, professionally trained Relationship Coach, Author (Radical Self Love) and Dating Expert.

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My mission as a Coach is to bring more love into this world, both for yourself and wonderful, lasting romantic love. Previously married for 20 years....traumatic accident.... then single and let's face it. miserable dating for a bit. After MANY bewildered moments, more schooling and NUMEROUS challenges, I discovered happiness and the right way to find and keep lasting love.


I understand how hard finding the right person can be and how tempting it is to settle for something “good enough”. You think there is a limited supply or all the great ones are taken. But do we ever really take the time to think about whether someone is right for us? Someone we can envision happily coming home to forever? We tend to equate love with intense physical attraction and having some other things in common. But let's be honest, how many of you have ignored red flags, thought he/she will change, or that you can learn to live with the issues? You think about being completely on your own and it’s scary, so something is better than nothing? Alternatively, some of you give up altogether and convince yourself (no time, too much work, not worth the pain etc.) that you are better off staying single.

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Any of this sound familiar? If so, news alert! It’s all garbage. Although a partner does not complete you and you can be happy without one, there is a great relationship out there waiting for you - you do not have to settle! Given about 50% of marriages end in divorce, there are a ton of great, available  single men and women, And you only need 1.  Pretty good odds wouldn’t you say?


Let’s cut to the chase, with a little work figuring out exactly who you are and what that means in terms of an aligned partnership -  you can attract the right partner for lasting love!  You will also make transformative life changes in the process. You will feel like a new, more confident, positive person.


So stop wasting time and begin your journey to a new, exciting life!